How To Apply

Applications for admission to the diploma, bachelor's, and master’s programs at Dar al-Kalima University are accepted in the following specialties:

*Master's Programs

*Bachelor’s Programs


*Associate Diploma Programs


Professional Diploma


Application instructions

You can apply according to the following procedures and steps:

  1. Obtain an application card by going to the headquarters of Dar al-Kalima University, Bethlehem, Mount Bitter or through the Palpay application for a fee of 165 non-refundable shekels or from one of the branches of the Arab Bank or Bank of Palestine.
  2. Fill in the application electronically using the application code and the passcode of the application through the following electronic page: To complete the application, follow the instructions on the application page.
  3. After completing the application, the student will be contacted by the Dean of Admissions and Registration.
  4. When first attending the University, please bring the following attachments:

* Required documents for the master's degrees:

1- Personal photo

2- A copy of the birth certificate

3- A certified copy of The Bachelor's degree transcript

4- Copy of personal ID card

5- Two letters of recommendation from professors or officials at work.


* Required documents for bachelor’s and diploma degrees:

1-Personal photo

2-A copy of the birth certificate

3-A certified copy of the secondary school marks statement

4-A copy of the personal ID card