The Technical Community College

About the Technical Community College

The Technical Community College is one of the colleges of Dar Al-Kalima University, and it includes twelve distinct technical/vocational specializations for the associate and professional diploma degrees. Through its programs, the college seeks to graduate students with ethical competencies capable of meeting the needs of the labor market through effective partnerships with local and international institutions. The college also works to achieve several goals, most important the active contribution to preserving the identity of the Palestinian society, enhancing employability, and raising the economic standards.


Our vision

Upgrading the college to be one of the distinguished colleges in its specializations, changing the concept and culture of technical and vocational education, and improving the mental image of the Palestinian society regarding this type of education.


Our mission

Providing technical and vocational training programs in the fields of arts and culture for all segments of society by building effective partnerships with the private sector and the local and international community and graduating a student capable of engaging in the labor market and competing locally and internationally. 


The faculty main objectives are:

- Spreading the Palestinian culture which contributes to creating an educated generation, aware of the common values ​​of goodness, beauty and kindness.

- Providing high quality programs that keep pace with the scientific and technological development and preserve the Palestinian identity and heritage.

- Providing the student with the knowledge and skills required by his professional specialization in accordance with the foundations and standards of the labor market that qualify him to obtain a suitable job.

- Providing society with professionals who can contribute to the development of the national economy on both the private and public level.

- Preparing graduates aware of the reality of the labor market and its changes.

- Building strategic partnerships with the business sector.

- Providing a safe and stimulating environment for study and training at the college.

- Developing the capabilities and skills of the teaching and administrative staff.

- Providing continuing education programs that increase the chances of obtaining a job.

- Spreading awareness of the importance of technical and vocational education and emphasizing its role in the prosperity of society.


Academic Programs:

*Associate Diploma Programs


Professional Diploma


Message of the Dean

Judy Bandak - Dean of The Technical Community College

I am glad to welcome you to the Technical Community College at Dar al Kalima University.

The Technical Community College mission focuses on empowering students to reach their full potential and live lives of meaning, values, and purpose.

The College is a transformative experience for students. We hope, we can help you achieve at least some of your goals and bring you on a steadfast path in your life, enabling you to think critically and wisely taking the challenges as an opportunity to bear more responsibility toward yourselves and the community.

In a complex society we are living in today, we encourage our faculty, students, and alumni to be agents of change. We are aware of our commitment to create a better future for Palestine, rooted in our heritage, tradition, values, and culture.

The College’s supportive and dedicated faculty and staff members will help you to succeed in college and beyond, finding your way in life. By the time you reach the end of your studies, you will be a different person.

We offer the students hands on learning and networking opportunities through field training, internships, cultural and social activities, entrepreneurship, and leadership programs and a multicultural exposure through partnerships with institutes and universities abroad.

Choosing to study in the Technical Community College, you have chosen the right path. It will enable you to continue your education and obtain a first university degree through the bridging system”.

Thank you for your interest in our programs.

Looking forward to serving you the best.


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Phone: 02-275 7028