The Faculty of Fine Arts

About the Faculty of Fine Arts

Our vision

The college should be an artistic source based on cultural and social awareness and based on knowledge and theory, to promote the values of expression, beauty, effective communication, and critical thinking and to build a better Palestinian society.


Our mission

To graduate the next generations of artists with academic awareness, knowledge and skills to be active and contributing to national and Community Development and influential in the Palestinian cultural scene.


The faculty main objectives are:

-Contribute to the development of students ' intellectual and performance skills and abilities

-Providing the Palestinian society, especially and the Arab community in general, with artists with outstanding and creative competence

-Contribute to deepening the Palestinian society's understanding and taste of the arts

-Contribute to the preservation and revival of the Palestinian artistic heritage through activities and events


Academic programs

Film production

Contemporary Arts

Performing Arts


Contact Us

Phone: 02-275 7028