Bethlehem Student Film Festival

Bethlehem Student Film Festival (BSFF) is the first international film festival in Palestine that specializes in student film production around the world, and as such it joins the international festivals that focus on student cinema as well as the modern Arab festivals that are starting to pay attention to student cinema.
The aim of the Festival is multifold. It provides a venue and a platform for the Palestinian audiences to experience a selection of the best films in different genres, which are produced every year by cinema school programs from around the world. It also gives the opportunity for local and international film students to exhibit and share their work and discuss it with experts and the general public at large. In addition, the Festival allows the audience to discover a different form of vibrant youth cinema, one that is produced within more open-minded conditions that are conducive to creativity than those of the labor market. Moreover, it is a forum for the Palestinian students to interact and engage with students from other cultural and professional backgrounds from around the world. Finally, it sharpens the understanding of film students and the tools they use through workshops organized during the festival with international guests and experts. 


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