• Ceramic and Glass Art
    ​Includes the study of the basics and techniques of ceramic and glass art, with a focus on creative design and new and innovative products and designs.



  • Art Education
    The program focuses on the development of the capacities of young men and women who want to teach visual arts in school. The program enables art educators to discover and develop the talents of children and young people and gives the teachers implementation strategies for the classroom.



  • Metalworking
    This diploma program covers the basics of metal working and techniques in the use of precious metals with a focus on creative design and production.



  • Contemporary Fine Arts
    The study of the basics and techniques of contemporary art, including painting, photography, and printing. The diploma also involves the study of the philosophy of modern and contemporary art, as well as other forms of contemporary art including digital art.



  • Documentary Film Production
    ​Includes all the stages of documentary production, starting from concept design to researching, photography, lighting, sound, production, and marketing.