• Interior Design
    This program qualifies the student to work in the field of interior design, training a new generation of artists and designers who have superior knowledge and skill. Interior Design is in essence a form of expressive art designed to provide solutions to human problems in three dimensional space and form. The program combines creative elements including color, texture, and shape with more functional elements such as space planning and lighting. The interior design field is constantly evolving due to the increasing demand for unique and contemporary designs in all aspects of life, especially from young families.

  • Graphic Design
    This program focuses on the basics and principles of graphic design, advertising, marketing, and printing. Students can specialize in several tracks: print design, web design, multimedia, and packaging design.

  • Film Production
    ​This program includes the development of skills in the production of various types of films, including fiction, documentary, educational, and abstract film. The program includes instruction on the stages of production for all films, starting from subject creation to research, script writing, photography, lighting and sound, production, and marketing. Students can specialize in one of several tracks: photography, production, script writing, lighting, and sound.



  • Contemporary Arts
    This program includes instruction in both oil and acrylic painting, sculpture, and digital art as well as featuring courses on exhibition management, art criticism, visual anthropology in Palestine, and aesthetic philosophy. The student can specialize in either art or art education.